Keeping kids healthy: There's an app for that!

LeapBand fitness tracker combines gameplay and technology to teach kids about nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Learning Stages

Kids today are the most tech-savvy generation ever, but studies also show that these same children are among the least physically active in history. Luckily, some things never change: kids still love learning and playing. By combining education, gameplay and technology, LeapFrog has found a powerful way to teach kids about nutrition, fitness and wellness.

The games available with the LeapBand activity tracker deliver basic information about healthy habits for children in exciting and appealing ways. Featuring cute characters and engaging stories, kids feed and play with digital pets as they learn to make healthy choices for themselves.

The LeapBand kids’ fitness app motivates children to exercise through fun games and cool rewards. The more active the child, the more points they get to play mini-games, earn prizes and unlock new levels of active play.

LeapBand activity tracker helps children observe and learn from the nutrition and fitness choices they make.

What to look for in health and wellness apps for children

  1. Look for games that encourage kids to make healthy choices and then witness the consequences of those choices in a fun, yet meaningful, way.
  2. Look for games that offer a variety of activities. Some children are interested in more creative movements like dance and pretend play, while others like to compete in races or earn points. Apps should include a variety of games to ensure that the activities appeal to different types of children.
  3. Look for games that are multidimensional. Staying healthy requires good nutrition, fitness and overall wellness (rest, hygiene, etc.). Apps should encourage thinking about all three components.