Fun ways to encourage kids to get active indoors

On days stuck indoors, try one of these 5 fun-filled ways to burn kid-energy.

Learning Stages

Most kids are active by nature, if not necessarily in nature. Physical activities come in many forms—from organized sports and playing at the playground to creative movements and self-expression like dance. But when kids are forced indoors, options for active play can be a challenge. To get kids motivated to exercise inside, parents should seek out engaging activities that are both fun and meaningful.

Indoor games for active kids

From active pretend play to active video games, there are so many ways parents can get kids to exercise inside the home. With a little creativity, you can have a lot of fun!

5 kid-favorite active indoor games

  1. Creative Challenges. Get inventive. Instead of asking your child to “Jump 5 times,” say: “Let’s see if you can jump really high, but land super quietly!” Appeal to their active imaginations: “Let’s pretend to be a tiger and pounce around the room,” or “Let’s act like snakes and slither on our bellies.”
  2. Fitness Trackers. Kids can get a great workout indoors with a kids’ fitness tracker. These kids’ wearable tech toys are designed specifically to engage children in fun and imaginative movements. Some kids’ activity trackers encourage flexibility and stretching, while others exercise children’s coordination. Children are all different, so as with sports, be sure to take into account your child’s individual abilities and interests.
  3. Story and Singing Time. Turn reading and singing into active play. Pretend to be characters in a nursery rhyme, and act out the story—the more animated, the better!
  4. Obstacle Courses. Obstacle courses can really build a child’s stability and agility. Create a fun course with what you’ve got in your home: couch cushions, pillows and foam rollers.
  5. Dancing Breaks. It’s never the wrong time for an impromptu dance break. Before dinner, between TV shows, during chores. Dancing is good for both mind and body.