Halloween recipes & reading

Try these spooky snacks to accompany favorite books for Fall.

Learning Stages

By Maxine Adams


With four boys under the age of seven, snack time is either hit or miss. So when I discovered these easy-to-make spooky snacks, I decided to try them in the Adams test kitchen. Kids always look forward to trying snacks that they made, and my boys could not get enough of these. Each of my four boys could give a tested item a star; four stars on any recipe means a home run! Enjoy our top favs!

Hot dog mummies

The recipe called for bread sticks; we substituted crescent rolls. The kids had a blast wrapping and preparing their own mummy! Next time we’ll try a variation with pizza.

Adams Family Rating: 4 STARS!
Recipe Prep Time: 20 minutes
Actual Prep Time: Lost count. We were having a blast!
What to Read: This awesome chapter book by Mary Pope Osbourne, Mummies in the Morning is a super read-aloud!

I vant more of these apples

Apples? Check. Almonds? Check. Recipe…Done! These are fabulous. Two of the four kiddos said blah to almonds…but the apples were quite a tasty treat. Fall is a perfect time to explore the textures and tastes of apples. My personal favorites are honey crisp apples…they are Nature’s candy!

Adams Family Rating: 4 STARS (minus the almonds)!
What to Read: Picking Apples, by Margaret McNamara, will inspire your child to learn more about apples.

Cooking together is a great learning experience. I loved listening to my boys have conversations about what they had made. With a kid-friendly approach to food preparation, formerly untouched lonely foods find their way into unsuspecting tummies. Discover more Halloween recipes and turn your snacktime blues into snacktime BOO!