Earth Day learning

Take this day to focus on how your family can care for mother earth.

Learning Stages

By Shelby Moore


Shelby Moore is a kindergarten teacher at an inner-city school in Houston and was recently awarded as one of the East Region's Campus Teachers of the Year.

Earth day should be every day if we are teaching children to care about the environment; however, to have a day to focus just on earth day activities gives everyone a chance to give back to mother earth. 

When you think green you don't always have to do big things like add solar panels to your house or drive a hybrid SUV; it can be simple things like recycling. Remember, all the little things really do add up. Check out all the little things you can do this year on Earth Day.

Earth Day activities

  • First have a discussion with your little one on the topic of Helpful vs. Hurtful Humans. Which do you want to be? What ways can you be a helpful human? Listen to the ideas your child comes up with on ways she thinks she can help the earth.
  • Pick up trash. What happens when trash isn't put in its proper place? Read, Tammy Turtle: A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles, by Suzanne Tate, and find out just how dangerous garbage can be if not disposed of properly.
  • Plan an Earth Day Parade. Make noise makers out of recycled materials. Get creative and make your own Earth Day flags and banners. Gather some kids from the neighborhood and let them march up and down the sidewalk shouting a green motto such as: "WE WILL PROTECT THE PLANET AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!"
  • Play a game and quiz your child to see just how much they know about recycling. Gather household items (milk jugs, jars, newspapers, water bottles, etc.) and ask your child which items can be recycled and how does she know.
  • Make artwork out of recycled items.
  • Plant seeds or trees. Get down and dirty and let your child feel the earth between her fingers.