The Best Kid Wishes EVER

Priceless holiday kid-wishes, as reported by our Facebook fans.

By Tina O'Shea

Managing Editor at LeapFrog

Tina O’Shea is LeapFrog’s Managing Editor and the voice of @LeapFrog on Twitter, but to her kids, she’s the Freeze Dance DJ.

Part of what makes the holidays so fun for kids is dreaming up all the things they want. We asked our Facebook fans for the most unusual or unexpected things their kids asked for—here are some of their truly priceless wishes.

Best wishes

Our top ten:

  • My daughter was embarrassed and shy, so while sitting on Santa's lap, she looked down and she asked for a rug! -Wendy Giroux Luciano
  • My daughter wanted chickenpox last year because she heard that her cousin had them. -Mike Ramirez
  • My little girl asked for rocks one year and she got them. Silly girl. -Diana Jones
  • To give her baby brother to the needy. -Anastasia Beaverhousen
  • My son wanted a green unicorn dinosaur that sang. -Sarah Elizabeth Ostendorf
  • I asked my 3-yr-old what she wanted and she said "a small pair of scissors." I asked her what she would do with them and she replied "cut your hair." She will NOT be getting scissors anytime soon. -Leona Price
  • My daughter wants an iPony. Or an iStallion. -Jeanie Dinkerdot
  • My 3-yr-old twin daughters asked for Prince Charming and a pirate. -Kelly Dean Filakovsky
  • A couple years ago at age 5 my daughter asked for a ticket to heaven to see Grandma and to meet Pop who passed before she was born. -Marna Carlozzi
  • My 3-year-old niece asked for her daddy home, he's in Kuwait.-Harley Votaw

Santa baby

Lots of kids wish for baby sisters and brothers, but experienced older siblings know better.

  • Last year my 2 and a half year old kept asking for a baby brother or baby sister for Christmas. She said we could get one at Petsmart. -Kristin Soto Chui
  • My daughter asked for a baby brother when she was 3. A year-and-a-half later she got a sister, she cried for two days about it. -Heidi Zurakowski Yaek
  • A baby sister. She has brown eyes and blond hair. Her name is DeeDee Justin Bieber Williams. -Jessica Williams
  • My daughter asked for a baby sister that has a puppy (she wanted both). -Adrian Gardner-Phillips
  • One asked for a cornucopia. One asked for a baby brother out of a catalog. She insisted on having an African-American baby, she asked for a “chocolate” baby boy. -Shanna Brooks

The 4-H club

A pony? That’s so 2008. Today’s kids are embracing the urban farming craze and thinking outside the chicken coop.

  • Pet baby elephant! ("He can sleep under my bed!") -Helen Donier
  • My 5 year old has been asking for a pair of live flamingos for the last 2 years. She wants to raise baby flamingos! -Joy Anne Liddiard Bougard
  • "Mom, when we go see Santa, I'm gonna tell him I want a REAL pony...he can sleep in my room...and a REAL dinosaur...he has to sleep outside." -Elizabeth Ramon Carroll
  • A stinkbug. -Linda Benson
  • A really big penguin. -Laura Washington
  • My nephew wanted a cheetah. -Connie England
  • My youngest keeps asking for a 3 legged horse. -Lisa Love
  • A real John Deere tractor. -Michelle Cairns
  • My 3 year old asked for a leaf blower. -Angel Link
  • Every year my son asks for a riding lawn mower. -Julie Gamble
  • My daughter would have her dreams come true if Santa brought her a goat. -Justin Lauren Hammond

As seen on TV

Act now and we’ll double your order!

  • My 5 year old daughter asked me today if she could get a Sunsetter retractable awning for Christmas. -Valerie Perry Dottle
  • My 5 year old wants a mint vacuum, bathroom scale and Foamtastic bathroom cleaner. -Carissa Rusch
  • My 4 year old son wants a microdermabrasion kit. -Vanessa Rene
  • My 6 year old son says he wants his toys each sold separately. -Justin Lauren Hammond

It’s the little things

Who’s going to argue with these wonderful little wishes?

  • When my middle daughter was younger she wanted Cool Whip. So her aunt bought her a tub of it for Christmas. -Paulette Brown
  • My 3 year old is asking for crunchy carrots! Which was also her only request for her special birthday breakfast. Can't say I complained :) -Shannon Kitta
  • All my 3 year old wanted for Christmas was pink ice cream. -Hilary McSwain Lopp
  • My youngest said she wants printer paper for Christmas. -Jennifer Ratcliff DeGraaff
  • Last year, my then 2 year old asked Santa for butter. So he left her a little restaurant pat :) -Nicole Bel Puma
  • His kindergarten year John wanted a very soft pillow, a toaster and oatmeal that came with jam. -Lyn Moon
  • My 5 year old asked for a presidential trash can! We bought a black 6-gallon can and downloaded the presidential seal and stuck it on the can. He loves it. Told everyone at school what he got. -Robyn Revell Addison
  • My 4 yr old wants a wrestling doll, tattoos, stickers and "the biggest big bag of Doritos Santa can find." My 2 yr old said she wants the doggie to go away and leave her alone. -Aimee Poff Brown

Big dreams

We have to admire these kids for dreaming big. (Good luck, parents.)

  • My 3 yr old said she wants a pink car, and she wants to get her Aunty (a pilot) a pink plane. She said daddy would pay for it all. -Carrie Dreverman
  • My son (4 years old) wanted a real trash truck. The toy ones are for babies. -Kathie Flynn Perry
  • A Transformer. Not a toy robot. An actual car that transforms into a robot when danger is nearby. He's 4. -Roxy Murphy 
  • My five-year-old has asked me for a real castle. She even drew up blueprints. -Amanda Napierski
  • My two year old son wants an Emergency (a fire truck). -Kiona Giles
  • My 5 yr old daughter asked for a date with Justin Bieber! -Amber Hartman

Young explorers

As long as you’re asking, I’ll have the moon and the stars.

  • My five year old daughter wants to go skydiving for Christmas! -Stephanie Colford
  • My four year old asked for a hot air balloon. -Becky Abel Hatch
  • My 4 year old son really wants rocket boots! He insists if he had rocket boots, he could fly! -Rebecca Gallup
  • Last year, my son, then almost three-years-old, asked for a rocket ship so he could fly to the moon. -Bethany Roth

Visions of sugar plums

When these Dear Santa letters arrived, the elves scratched their heads.

  • My kid wants talking clay dough. -Mari Sanchez
  • My two year old has asked for the color red! A red what? Ball, coat? No, nothing, just the color red! -Helen Sharpe Was Edwards
  • A duck, a hippo and a dancing leaf (?!) -Rachel Dyson

The magic of Christmas

It’s the season for dreaming, and there’s not much more precious at Christmas than a kid who just… believes.

  • My daughter wants to go to Candyland for Christmas (she got the game last year from Santa). -Sarah Holtzclaw Boudreaux
  • My 4 year old asked for a TV for her room. I said, "No you're too young." She responded, "That's OK mommy, I'll ask Santa and he'll get it for me." -Renee Memoli Lisotto
  • My 3 year old daughter wants Santa to tell the Tooth Fairy to come see her. -Melissa May
  • My 3 year son wants Mater and Holly Shiftwell to get married. He also wants trains. -Michael Urban
  • My 3-1/2 yr old son said he was going to ask Santa for bigger muscles so he could be like the super heroes! -Danielle Roland Giannico
  • ‎My 3 yr old son wants a diamond ring with powers. -Anna-George Gonzalez
  • My 4 year old daughter asked if she could be made 5 before her friend so she could go to the 5 yr old only party. I told her I couldn’t do that so she said she would ask Santa! -Taryn Boehler
  • Last year we asked my 9 year old what he wanted. He said all he wanted was a note from Santa as he was questioning whether Santa was real. We are happy to report that Santa obliged and wrote him the coolest note about what a good kid he is. He still has it posted on his wall next to his bed. Thanks Santa!!! -Alexandra Gallagher
  • Last year my daughter (she was 3) asked for 10 princess cookies with white frosting. She was so excited to wake up and find the cookies as well as the princess cookie cutters Mrs. Claus used to make them. -Cathleen Dietz Lenderman

Please come home for Christmas

These wishes show that kids get it—it’s about family.

  • Her daddy... he deploys 2 weeks before Xmas, 1 week before my C-section.... both his girls and I only want him for Xmas. :( -Dena Marie Barber
  • My almost 4 yr old wants Daddy for Christmas. My hubby got out of the marines recently. Our son will get his wish—will be the first of many with Daddy :D -Robin Reed
  • My 3.5 year old daughter asked for a cell phone so she can call Nana whenever she wants. -Jamie Atchison

Here’s hoping your little angels get all their hearts' desire this year!