St. Patrick's Day craft

Make this shamrock front door decoration with your child to celebrate St. Paddy's day—and add some luck to your home! 

You'll Need

  • 2 white paper plates (thin, without a shiny coating)
  • Green tempera paint
  • Green bell pepper (make sure it has 4 separate lobes)
  • 1 Piece of green construction paper (12”x9”)
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Gold curing ribbon (curled with scissors)


30 minutes

By Susie McKee

Susie McKee is a mom, an artist and an art teacher. She has been teaching for 14 years and loves her current position as the K–5 Art Teacher at Nea Community Learning Center, a public charter school in Alameda, California. Susie is inspired by the art all around us and is always on the look out for new ideas to use in her projects at home and at school.


  1. Pour a small amount of green paint onto one of the paper plates.
  2. Cut the bell pepper in half and remove any of the white, center core.


  1. Cut the off the ridged border of the other paper plate, leaving just the white circle.
  2. Place the plate circle in the middle of a piece of green paper and trace scalloped edges around it, leaving a half inch border.
  3. Dip the pepper, cut side down, in the green paint and print it in the center of the white circle. Use a finger dipped in the paint to draw the stem and add some dots around the edge.
  4. Sprinkle a little bit of gold glitter over the paint to add some sparkle.
  5. While the green paint is drying, cut out the scalloped green circle you traced earlier and cut long strips of gold curling ribbon, then tape the gold ribbons in the center of the green scalloped circle so that they hang down.
  6. Once the paint has dried on the shamrock (pepper) design, rub glue stick all around on the back of the white circle and lay it on top of the green circle, over the ends of the gold ribbon. 
  7. The four-leaf clover is now finished and ready to bring luck and a smile to all that enter your home!