Paper blossoms

This decorative flower craft can be tailored to any holiday.

You'll Need

  • Bare tree branch with multiple shoots
  • Pink or colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape


30 minutes

Here’s a fun activity you can do with your child on Mother’s Day or any time of year. The resulting paper blossoms make a beautiful artwork display to brighten any room. This activity is a great way to exercise your little one’s fine motor skills and is appropriate for ages 4 and up. Younger children may require more help with proper scissor instruction.

To make paper blossoms:

  1. Trace tissue paper into squares that are about 3 inches on each side.
  2. Cut tissue paper into squares.
  3. Overlay two squares so they make a star shape.
  4. Pinch them at the ends into a crease. Make two creases to create a blossom.
  5. Create the stem by twisting the bottom. 
  6. Take a piece of tape and affix it to the stem and wrap it around a shoot on the branch. 
  7. Repeat…