Little helper

Toddlers love to "help" their caregivers with mundane tasks like laundry and sweeping. Here's why it's important to let them pitch in.

You'll Need

  • Toy broom
  • Toy kitchen gadgets


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Your toddler probably becomes pretty "helpful" when you bring out the broom. Young children love helping around the house, because it keeps them close to their favorite person (you!). It also helps build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Let your toddler use his toy broom, toy tools or toy kitchen gadgets to help you around the house with simple chores. Let your toddler separate colors from whites, or match socks to their pairs when you do laundry. Let your toddler stack plastic cups while you empty the dishwasher. He'll feel like he's being a big help, and you'll both get more together time.