Brush up

Make toothbrushing a treat. (Really!)

You'll Need

  • Scout, Violet, or a 2-minute song


5 minutes

Learning Stages

By Linda Platas, Ph.D.
Early Childhood Researcher

Linda Platas is an early childhood researcher at the Institute of Human Development at UC Berkeley and a lecturer in Cognitive Development at the Graduate School of Education. She holds a Ph.D. in Education/Human Development.

Professional dental associations recommend brushing your child’s teeth. However, getting a good angle (both physically and mentally!) and cooperation from your little one can be difficult when it comes time to brush teeth. Ask your dentist for suggestions and then make it a regular habit. More information can be found at American Family Physician.

Scout and Violet can help in teeth brushing! How? Download a song that is about the same length as your child’s brushing routine (check with your dentist for brushing duration). Then, bring puppy pal into the bathroom and play that song. Not only does this provide a fun timer, but also gives your child an approving audience!