Follow the leader

Your toddler follows you around all day. Turn it around and let him lead!

You'll Need

  • None


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Your toddler spends much of the day following you from place to place. And why not? You're fun and smart, and your day is full of interesting activities! Turn the tables and let your little one lead for a change. Having a chance to lead will boost your toddler's self-esteem and gives him a chance to impress you with his cool moves. He'll feel important and valued when he gets to be the boss and sees you following him.

It helps if you start the game to show him how it's done. Begin by marching through the house (or bunny hopping, or twirling, get the idea). Ask your toddler to follow you and copy your moves. Now tell him it's his turn to lead and your turn to follow. Let him decide if or when it's time to switch turns and follow you again.