Eyes, nose, fingers, toes

Play these games with your baby to increase body awareness and vocabulary.

You'll Need

  • Scout or other doll or plush animal


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Receptive language develops before expressive language. This means your baby understands hundreds of words before she can utter even one. If your baby can find her nose, she can learn where her cheeks, chest and thighs are as well. This game develops your baby's vocabulary by introducing the names of body parts.

Ask your baby, “Where’s your nose?” If she can put her finger on it, move on to her eyebrows, elbows and bellybutton! Ask her where her toes and fingers are. You can help her learn where these are by example. For instance, when you ask her where her fingers and toes are, wiggle them with your fingers. Over time, as she learns these body parts, you can ask her to find your nose, ears and mouth. Eventually, as she comes to understand what these body parts are, she’ll be able to find them on Scout or other dolls and animals. She will learn new vocabulary, too—puppies have eyes and ears, but instead of fingers and hands, they have paws!