Zoo quest

Turn your child's passion for animals into a fun, fact-finding mission.

You'll Need

  • Books or Internet resources on zoo animals


30 minutes

Learning Stages

Zoos are amazingly engaging places to take children. Animals and their antics fascinate children and adults alike! The next time you plan to visit a zoo with your child, do a little homework in advance. Help your child research facts about her favorite animals. For example, find out how long an elephant lives and whether there is any truth behind the the saying "an elephant never forgets."

If your child and her teddy bear are inseparable, then concentrate on bears: What do bears eat? Where do they live? Why do they hibernate? At the zoo, talk with your child about what you have learned. Encourage your child to imagine where the elephant came from: Does the elephant remembers its home in India or Africa? Why does an elephant need its trunk? Your child may not be able to answer all of your questions, and you may not be able to answer all of his. As a follow up to your zoo visit, research the answers to these questions.