Window on the world

Gaze into your child's imagination through this eye-opening art activity.

You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Colored markers, crayons or paints
  • Popsicle sticks or paint stirrers (optional)


30 minutes

Learning Stages

Many famous artists, including Henri Matisse, Rene Magritte and Andrew Wyeth, used images of windows in their paintings. Windows are intriguing in a visual way, but also in a symbolic way as they suggest light, knowledge and inspiration.

Have your child create her own windows painting. You may want to begin by showing her some examples of window painters by some of the artists mentioned above. Your child can choose to depict what she sees from a real window or envision what she would see from a window of her own choosing, perhaps an imaginary window view from a castle or from an airplane.

She can finish off the project with painted or glued on crosspieces (using paint stirrers or popsicle sticks), curtains, blinds or other decorations.

Turn this activity into storytelling time by asking your child to write or tell a story about the view from her windows.