Sun pictures

Plug into the power of the sun with this timeless photo technique.

You'll Need

  • Blue or purple construction paper
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Feathers


60 minutes

Learning Stages

Try this summer or springtime project with your child to explore how the sun affects color. Together with your child, collect leaves, flowers or other natural objects. Have your child arrange the objects on the construction paper. Place the paper where it will receive direct sunlight all day. You may need to place rocks on the objects to hold them in place.

Some questions to ask your child are: What will happen to the paper if it's left in the sun all day? What will happen to the areas of the paper covered with leaves and flowers? At the end of the day, remove the objects and observe how the sun has faded the paper. Experiment with different colors of construction paper: Which colors fade more? Which fade less? Let your child put other items outside and predict which ones will fade. Try tissue paper, fabric, newspapers, magazines, etc.