Role-play frustrations away

Your child's own toys can be a handy tool for helping him control his toddler tantrums.

You'll Need

  • Toy doll or animal


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Had it up to here with toddler tantrums? Role-playing with toy dolls or animals can help your child deal with frustrations. Create pretend situations in which your child’s doll or animal is “frustrated”—perhaps situations similar to those that frustrate your child. Maybe your child doesn’t like brushing his teeth. You can pretend that the doll doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, either. What could a solution be? Maybe you offer to sing a song while you brush the doll's (pretend) teeth—or count to one hundred. Or perhaps the doll gets to brush her teeth after you finish? For children who are frustrated when faced with a timely nap—maybe their doll or animal needs to take a nap too—and be tucked in.