Recipe for creativity

Your child’s imagination will be the main ingredient when he creates his own “recipes” for this activity.

You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Crayons or colored markers

Learning Stages

Stretch your child’s imagination by encouraging him to write "recipes" based on events and emotions from daily life. Discuss with your child the format of a recipe, examining some traditional recipes as examples. Explain that a recipe has a list of ingredients and instructions on how to combine these ingredients to create a final product. These recipes won't be edible, they will be insightful. He might, for example, include a recipe for anger, happiness or sorrow. Other recipes might be for an ideal school, a good friend, an incredible book or a very funny joke. Let your child use his imagination to select the categories and devise the format. Suggest that he add illustrations. Have him add recipes and complete the book over time. The recipes will reflect his growth and challenge him to examine many things anew. Can you think of a better recipe for creativity?