Lucky seven

Use this magic dice game to help your child learn math facts for the number seven.

You'll Need

  • Dice

Learning Stages

Use this magic dice game to help your child learn seven math facts. Show your child how each and every die is the same, and demonstrate how the two directly opposite sides of a die always add up to the number seven. When four dots are showing face up, the face down side of the die will always be three dots, and if two faces up, then five faces down, etc. Let your child count the dots by touching each one on both sides.

Each of you throw a die and compare your results. Is the number the same or different? Ask if your child knows what the face down number on each die is, based on which number is on top. Talk through it if your child is having trouble. "Let's see, if I rolled a one, then the bottom number must be six because 1+6=7!"

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