Power dressing

Inspire your child to dress herself with this silly sorting game.

You'll Need

  • Selection of adult and children's clothing


10 minutes

Learning Stages

This activity helps your child develop a sense of relative sizes (big/small). It’s also a great way to give your child practice getting dressed on their own.

Gather articles of clothing in large and small sizes into a laundry basket. Pretend that you, your child and a favorite doll or teddy are getting ready to go out on a trip:

Today we are going to visit Grandma. Let’s take Teddy with us. What shall we wear? Let’s get dressed. (Hold up a piece of the child’s clothing.)

Can Mommy/Daddy wear these pants? (Wait for your child to answer.)

How silly, these pants are too small for me. Can Teddy wear these pants? (Wait for your child to answer.)

No, these pants are too big for Teddy. Can you wear these pants?

Help your child get dressed, repeating with shirt, shoes and hat. When your child is finally dressed, make-believe the laundry basket is a car. Put the child and Teddy in the basket, and ask them to buckle their seatbelts. Gently rock the basket as you “drive” to Grandma’s house.