Concentration: Antonyms

Play the classic card matching game, Concentration, to help your child recognize antonyms.

You'll Need

  • Index cards
  • Pen or pencil

Learning Stages

Play Concentration, using opposites, or antonyms. Write the following words on individual index cards: big, little, black, white, boy, girl, hot, cold, dark, light, fast, slow, happy, sad, loud, soft, more, less, near, far, over, under, push, pull, rise, sink, top, bottom, win and lose. Shuffle a “deck” that includes at least six pairs of antonyms. Place them face down on a table or flat surface and take turns flipping two cards at a time. If the cards are antonyms, the player keeps the pair. If the word cards are not antonyms, they must be turned face down on the table and the next player takes a turn. Game play continues until all the cards have been retrieved. The player with the most cards wins.

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