Code cracking

You're never too young to start deciphering secret-agent-style messages!

You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Pencil


30 minutes

Learning Stages

By The guys at Today Is Fun
Daddy bloggers

"Today is Fun" provides free, fun and educational kids games and activities each day. The site is the product of two dads who are constantly trying to think up ways to entertain the kids in their families.

This is a great activity to fill some of your kids' time. It's both educational and fun, too. It will even work for little kids who aren't yet reading. (But the participants do need to know their letters.)

In some newspapers and activity books, they have messages in code for teens and adults to figure out. This is similar, but for younger kids, we suggest giving them a coded message *and* the key at the same time. With the key, young children can enjoy concentrating and figuring out the secret message. We've provided a couple of secret coded messages here, and the keys necessary to decipher them. Print them up and let your young code cracker have at it!

(Note to very sugar concious parents:  two of the coded messages we've included here involve praise for cookies and cake. We hope this is okay; we just want to keep your kids on their toes, not cause unpleasant altercations or additional trips to the dentist.  The possibly objectionable messages are the even numbered ones below.)

We hope you 99 • 13 •17 • 77 • 55 !

Click to download:

Code #1 Key
Secret Message #1
Secret Message #4

Code #2 Key
Secret Message #2
Secret Message #3