Super syntax

Master word sounds with this great grammar game.

You'll Need

  • Paper plates
  • Marker
  • Penny


30 minutes

Learning Stages

To set up this game, write the consonant blends on individual paper plates: bl, brcl, fl, pl, br, cr, dr, glgr, pr, tr, slsm, sp, sn, sw, and st.

Beginner's game

Place three paper plates on the floor, each with a different-sounding blend written on it. Have your child stand next to the plates and give him a penny. Tell your child that you are going to say a word and to listen for the blend. Tell him to toss the penny onto the paper plate with that blend. Start with blends that are easy to hear the difference, such as br, gl, st.

Once your child is good at this game, try similar-sounding blends like sl, sp, st; bl, cl, gl; br, gr, pr and so on. These require careful listening.

Advanced game

Spread all the plates across the floor and take turns with your child throwing a penny onto one of the plates. For each plate the penny lands on, you or your child must think of a word that begins with that blend. Say it, spell it and use it in a sentence.

You can also play this game with consonant digraphs (a pair of consonants that stand for a single sound): ch, sh, th, wh.