Animated flipbook

Creating a flipbook will bring your young artist's creations to life.

You'll Need

  • 3 x 3 inch pad (or bigger) of sticky notes
  • Pen or pencil

Learning Stages

Animation is the art of making still drawings come to life. Your child can be an animator with a simple flipbook. Explain to your child how a flipbook works. Each page of the book has a drawing of the same thing (object, animal, person, scene), but each drawing is just different enough so that as the pages are flipped through quickly, the picture appears to move.

The first step in making a flipbook is coming up with an idea. The movement needs to be simple. Examples include: the sun setting, clouds moving, a stick figure jumping, a bouncing ball or a plant growing.

Talk with your child about movement. What happens when you move your finger up and down in slow motion? What are all the different positions your finger makes through that movement?

Help your child follow the instructions to create his own flipbook:

  1. Draw the first picture toward the bottom of the page and press hard. This will leave an indentation on the next page.
  2. Use the indentation on the second page as a guide for making the second drawing. It should be just slightly different from the previous one. Again, press hard to ensure an indentation on the following page.
  3. Continue until the movement is complete.
  4. When all the drawings are completed, flip the pages of the pad and watch it move.