“I’ve selected a wide range of toys, activities and learning experiences to stimulate and reward your toddler’s curiosity. Little ones can take charge and explore with engaging picks like these.”
Expert Recommendations

- Jody Sherman LeVos, PhD., Director of Learning


Featured Topics for Toddler Development

Puppy headband

Have a howl encouraging motor skills, such as cutting, coloring and crawling around on all fours.

Pretend play

When toddlers engage in pretend play, they show they are beginning to move from the literal to the symbolic—a big idea for little toddler! Discover why pretend play is so important.

Designed to give your toddler the best start.

Language & Literacy Ideas for Toddlers


Mathematics Ideas for Toddlers


Introducing Science, People & Places to Toddlers


Creativity & Music Ideas for Toddlers


Problem Solving & Cognitive Development Ideas for Toddlers


Physical & Social-Emotional Development Ideas for Toddlers


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