“I’ve pulled together top titles that blend kindergarten curriculum with exciting play. Help keep their love for learning strong with age-appropriate experiences and engaging activities.”
Expert Recommendations

- Jody Sherman LeVos, PhD., Director of Learning


Featured Topics for Kindergarten Development

My Book of Why

Kids ask a lot of questions. Turn their tough questions into a Book of Why. It's a great way to start building a child's research skills at an early age and to show them that "Why?" is a great question!

Your kindergartner

Follow these tips for learning at home—you’ll see a world of difference in your kindergartner’s academic achievement.

Designed to give your kindergartner the best start.

Language & Literacy Ideas for Kindergartners


Mathematics Ideas for Kindergartners


Introducing Science, People & Places to Kindergartners


Creativity & Music Ideas for Kindergartners


Problem Solving & Cognitive Development Ideas for Kindergartners


Physical & Social-Emotional Development Ideas for Kindergartners


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