At LeapFrog, we put learning first. We believe the best way to help children fullfill their individual learning potential is by keeping them engaged with learning. That's why our imaginative learning solutions are designed to bolster children's confidence and encourage them to love learning throughout their lives. And why we make products that can be custom-tailored to meet each child's needs and interests.

LeapFrog gaming systems are the only educational gaming systems to offer
custom-tailored learning experiences for parents and children alike. All connect to the new LeapFrog® Learning Path, an online experience that invites each parent to share in his or her child's learning. With the new Leapster®2 learning system, parents can connect to see what skills and activities their children are engaged with and celebrate their successes. The DidjTM custom gaming system takes it one step further by allowing parents to not only see but also shape each game's curriculum to the skills their kids are studying in school. You see, at LeapFrog, we recognize that learning is a personal journey. We hope that you'll see the difference as you watch your child's learning journey unfold.
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