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Red Circle
LeapPad Ultra Wi-Fi Support: Red Circle

A red circle next to the Wi-Fi network indicates connection to the Wi-Fi router failed. The below steps should help resolve this issue and get you connected.

1) Enter your password again The most common reason a connection will fail is an incorrect password. Passwords may be case sensitive or include numbers or special characters.
2) Get as close to the Wi-Fi router as possible and try connecting again. After verifying the password entered is correct, get as close as possible to the router and try joining the network again.
3) Reduce the number of wireless devices connected to your network. Some routers have settings to limit the number of devices that may connect to the router at the same time. To test this, completely shut down one of your other devices that is connected to this network, then try connecting to the network with the LeapPad Ultra. If the LeapPad Ultra now connects, refer to your router's instruction manual to see if it is possible to increase the number of simultaneous connections.

4) Temporarily turn off wireless encryption or security on your router. On your router, try turning off password requirements. This will rule out encryption issues.

If the LeapPad Ultra connects without encryption, adjust your security settings to keep the LeapPad Ultra connected. LeapPad Ultra works with standard wi-fi security protocols including WEP, WPA, and WPA2. However, if you find the LeapPad Ultra connects without the password requirement, but does not connect with a supported protocol (e.g., won't connect using WEP), try changing the security protocol to one of the other supported methods. As each router is different, you'll need to refer to the router's manual for instructions on changing security settings.
5) Restart the LeapPad Ultra Try restarting the LeapPad Ultra, then go to the parent menu and try to access the Wi-Fi router again.
6) Restart your Wi-Fi router While most routers just need to be unplugged and plugged back in to restart them, refer to your router's manual for specific instructions.

Once your router is restarted, verify it is working by connecting a computer, phone or other mobile device, then try connecting the LeapPad Ultra again.
7) Check for wireless interference Other devices that operate on the same 2.4GHz frequency as your Wi-Fi router may interfere with the LeapPad Ultra's ability to connect to your router.

Try turning off any of the following devices which may cause interference:
- Cordless phones
- Baby monitors
- Microwaves
- Bluetooth devices
- Wireless video equipment