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Word Caper DVD
  • Word Caper DVD
  • Word Caper DVD
  • Word Caper DVD
  • Word Caper DVD

Word Caper DVD

Ages 3-6 yrs.
Go on a word-search adventure and discover the clues to building words!

Type: DVD

Skill Category: Reading & Writing

Publisher: LeapFrog


$12.97 $8.99



Word Caper DVD-Silenced by E!

Silenced by E!

Journey through the Complex Word Complex with Leap, Lily and Tad to help Mr. Websley recover his voice.

Word Caper DVD-Go word wild

Go word wild

Learn along as the kids blend letters and build words to solve the code and save the day.

Word Caper DVD-Sing along

Sing along

Humorous songs add to the fun and help teach the rules for advanced word-building.

  • Product dimensions:  5.3Wx7.5Hx0.6D
  • Package weight:  0.15 lbs


  • Consonants & Blends
  • Vowels
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
The Learning Difference

Spelling begins with short vowel sounds (cap) and long vowel sounds (with silent e, cap becomes cape). Finally, children learn the rules and patterns of vowel pairs (ee), digraphs (ai in train), diphthongs (oi in boil) and R-controlled vowels (farm).