My toddler is learning at a preschool level but isn't ready for preschool. How can I challenge him?

This is a great opportunity to provide your toddler with printables and activities that challenge him to grasp early reading and math skills. Browse the Preschool and Pre-K printables and activities on Learning Path that focus on basic letter and number learning. Encourage your child to call out letters or words in books as you read together. Ask him if he would like to “read” on his own so he begins to understand this is something he will be doing soon. Prompt him to count out objects, such as buttons on his jacket or objects in a book. As your child gets older, he may enjoy LeapFrog’s Get Ready for Kindergarten suite of apps, perfect for 3-5 year old children. While you may feel pressure to challenge your precocious son, remember to keep the learning fun—especially in the early years! 

Elizabeth Bagley, Ph.D.

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