My child is in speech therapy but it's not helping. What do I do next?

After filling out all the paperwork and finding a specialist to help your child with a challenge, it can be very frustrating when you do not see progress. Keep in mind that there may be small steps, rather than big, noticeable breakthroughs. Speak with your child's speech therapist to express your concerns. Find out what reasonable goals are for your child's particular challenges, what the therapist would consider to be reasonable progress at this stage, and specific goals or milestones your therapist hopes to reach in the near future. Ask the therapist for concrete signs of progress towards these goals. You can also ask how you can support what is happening in therapy at home. Finally, seek a second opinion if you are able. Even if you cannot seek another therapist's opinion, you can discuss your concerns with your child's pediatrician.

Candace Lindemann

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