What are some ideas for Halloween activities with my child?

For many parents, the idea of using sharp knives and candles to prepare decorative pumpkins makes Halloween decorating a task only for adults and older children. If you feel that your child is not quite ready to carve his own pumpkin, you can provide paints or markers for him to draw a creative face on his pumpkin. Another idea is to have your child draw the outline of what he wants carved and then have an adult carve along the outline. If you are concerned about using candles, you may want to consider giving your child an electric tealight candle to place in his Jack-o-lantern to avoid the risk of burns. To celebrate the harvest season, you and your child may want to try out pumpkin-based recipes such as pumpkin bread or pumpkin soup. Cooking with your child can provide a great opportunity to talk about mathematics concepts such as measuring and adjusting quantities to make larger or smaller batches of a recipe. Have fun!

Jennie Ito, Ph.D.

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