Teaching the joy of giving

Giving to those in need helps kids become caring, upstanding citizens in the community. 

It can be hard to step away from the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays but it's important to focus on what is really important this time of year: giving to those in need.

The holidays are the perfect time to model the necessary social skills that will allow children to become caring, upstanding citizens in the community.

Think about ways you could get your child in spirit of giving. Ask your child to choose a place to donate this holiday season. Even if it is just one toy, every little bit helps and the lesson of giving is just as effective. You may also choose to donate your time and volunteer as a family.

Let’s give our children the opportunity, with our support and guidance, to step out and extend ourselves to others. We can all help turn this holiday season around while reaping the joy we will be teaching our children to become compassionate people.