Parents' concerns about tablets

LeapFrog has received critical acclaim for its LeapPad Ultra™, a tablet for kids designed to address the major concerns parents have about giving their child a tablet

By Elizabeth Bagley, Ph.D.

LeapFrog Learning Expert

At LeapFrog, Elizabeth works with toy and game designers to teach science concepts in developmentally appropriate ways using research-based techniques. Before joining LeapFrog, Elizabeth studied game-based assessment at the University of Illinois, taught science, and served as a naturalist at Glacier National Park. Her two boys bring lots of inspiration and exploration to her life. Elizabeth earned joint doctorates in Educational Psychology and Environment and Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

With more than 50% of families in the U.S. owning tablets*, it’s not surprising that many children use them. However, those tablets are not necessarily designed to be used by kids. Not surprisingly, parents report four major concerns about giving their child a tablet:

  1. Too fragile and expensive to give to a child: Adult tablets carry a hefty price tag and are not designed to be kid-tough. Consider tablets for kids that are less expensive and designed to withstand drops and knocks.
  2. Easy access to inappropriate content: Though many adult tablets have parental controls, children may still have access to inappropriate content, so you may still need to monitor a child’s tablet use. Some kids’ tablets are purposefully designed to only include kid-safe content, giving parents peace of mind.
  3. Just another screen: To ensure that a tablet is more than just another screen for passive entertainment, look for quality content that engages your child more actively, such as interactive, educational games created or reviewed by educators or learning experts.
  4. Hard to find good children’s content: Online app stores can be overwhelming and it can be hard to find good children’s content. You can do your research by reading app reviews by organizations such as Common Sense Media, or you can purchase a kids’ tablet that is designed to provide high-quality educational games and other content.

The LeapPad Ultra – a tablet for kids

LeapFrog has received critical acclaim for its LeapPad Ultra, a tablet for kids designed to address the major concerns parents have about giving their child a tablet, while being a product kids love.

  • Built for kids: The LeapPad Ultra is kid-tough and designed and built from the inside out just for kids.
  • Appropriate content: Unlike a parent’s tablet, the LeapPad Ultra is powered by Zui – a secure browser that shows only content approved by LeapFrog’s team of learning experts, so kids can explore the content they love and parents can feel confident that the content is kid-safe. LeapFrog has a large library of 800+ apps, games, videos, eBooks, music, and more – all created or approved by LeapFrog learning experts.
  • Not just another screen: Children can play educational games on the LeapPad Ultra that adjust to their level so that stay challenged and inspired to learn.  
  • Easy to find content: The LeapPad line of products from LeapFrog makes it easy for parents to select content that is safe, educational, and fun for kids because everything on the LeapFrog app store is created or reviewed by LeapFrog’s learning experts.

The LeapPad Ultra has the features kids love about tablets, and has everything that parents want in a tablet for their child.


* According to a 2013 Nickelodeon study on tablet ownership.