Read it out loud!

Reading aloud boosts 6 key skills children need to learn to read. Find out what they are to boost early literacy skills and increase the potential for academic success. 

Even before your child can read for himself, you can give him an ear for language, a thirst for learning and a love of books. Researchers now know that a child’s early experiences with books greatly influence his ability to learn to read. Entering kindergarten with these early literacy skills increases a child’s chances for academic success.

Reading aloud opens the door for readers

Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child provides a foundation for reading and helps your child build the skills and concepts he needs before he can learn to read. Here are six skills children need to learn to read: 

  1. Print Motivation: An interest in books and reading.
  2. Narrative Skills: The ability to describe things and events and tell stories.
  3. Letter Awareness: The understanding that letters are different from each other, and the eventual recognition of their names and sounds.
  4. Book and Print Awareness: The consciousness of letters and words on a page, and knowing how to handle a book.
  5. Vocabulary: The ability to understand and use the correct names for things.
  6. Phonological Awareness: The ability to identify the smaller sounds in words.