Packed with Learning. Bursting with Fun!

Curriculum that goes beyond core skills

Learning comes first in everything we do. That’s why our library
draws from 2,600 skills across core subjects like reading, math,
science and creativity. But our curriculum isn't just broad, it's
based on latest educational research.

Personalized for every child

It's not just what we teach; it's how we teach it.
In select titles, we personalize the learning to each child
using their age, then we automatically adjust the level for
just the right challenge.* If your child is having trouble, they
can press the hint button to get in-game tutorials.*

Personalization Tools:

Age 2 Age 3
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2

Depending on a child’s age the curriculum will start at the appropriate level to
support their developmental needs and milestones.

The learning automatically adjusts the level as a child progresses for
just the right challenge.*

Tutorials teach underlying concepts to help children gain the
understanding they need to move up through the levels.

Fun with their favorite characters

LeapFrog products are tested with kids
(our experts on fun), in-home or in classrooms, to
ensure they are not just learning, but engaged, happy
and motivated to keep going.

Learning Experts create or approved every experience

Our in-house learning team designs or reviews and
approves content to ensure it’s an age-appropriate
curricular experience.