Educational, Active Video Gaming

Get minds and bodies moving with educational, active video gaming designed especially for young kids.


Ages: 3-8 years

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Learning Tablets

No matter which you choose, all our tablets are built
kid-smart, kid-safe and kid-tough—for the best first tablet
experience for kids.

Ages: 3-9 years

Featured Products: 
LeapPad2™ Custom | LeapPad™3 | LeapPad™ Ultra

Learning Tablets

Active Play


Active Play

Get kids up, active and moving with our new activity tracker
designed to encourage active play and healthy habits.

Ages: 4-7 years

Featured Products: LeapBand™


Learning Gaming Systems

Fast-paced, action-packed gameplay immerses children in the game while learning essential skills.

Ages: 4-9 years

Featured Products: LeapsterGS™ | Leapster Explorer™

Learning Game Systems

Reading Systems



Reading Systems

A lifetime of learning begins with one touch. Help your child become a confident, independent reader with our reading solutions and library of 150+ interactive books, writing activities and more.

Ages: 1-8 years

Featured Products: LeapReader™  | LeapReader™ Junior


Learning Toys

Encourage new discoveries every day with interactive learning toys that teach and inspire!

Ages: 0-6 years

Featured Products: 
Read with Me Scout |
 Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil™

Learning Toys